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NC ARRL Public Information Office

I’d like to wish each and every one a very Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings. Here it is almost the end of the year and hopefully this New Year will afford us many opportunities to use our skills and promote amateur radio throughout our community and beyond.

Please use your PIO skills to get the word out to all amateur radio operators about the upcoming Carolina Weekend for QSO Parties. On Saturday 25 February the South Carolina QSO Party will run from 10:00 AM EST through 8:59 PM EST. The following day, Sunday 26 February, our North Carolina QSO Party will run from 10:00 AM EST through 10:00 PM EST. Details at: &, respectively. The clubs and teams sponsoring these two events have spent a lot of time ensuring the contests are challenging but offer an opportunity for operators of every skill level to participate and enjoy.

Field Day 2017 is just six months away. I’d like to challenge our PIO’s to work with your club and community to request a proclamation for amateur radio to coincide with the week of Field Day. I will try and give some ideas in the upcoming months but the first task in this process is to determine what the process is in your city or your county to request a proclamation. So please step out and make some inquiries in your area to determine the requirements for a proclamation.

How accessible are you? Are you identified in your club’s newsletter and web page? The PIO is a very integral person in the club and you should be visible in these social media outlets. Now that you’re identified, is your email also available so you can be contacted? You’re not doing your club any good as a PIO if you can’t be contacted. If you’re concerned about making your email public, I recommend you use Gmail and set up an email for your PIO endeavors. This way your normal email won’t be compromised and you’ll be available to anyone who has taken the time and trouble to search you out. You never know what opportunities may come your way.

By the way my new email is: